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Our Coaches


Kimberly is a Colorado native. She cheered on Varsity all 4 years at Faith Christian High School, where she won a state title. She also cheered at University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver as a coed flyer. Kimberly has 6 years of coaching experience at Pomona High School and Ralston Valley High School.


Megaen was born and raised in Colorado, and has a background of studio dance, poms, and cheer. Megaen received her degree in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder while cheering on their coed and all-girl team as a flyer. Megaen graduated Game Day captain and placed 8th in their traditional routine at UCA nationals her senior year. She was among the first at CU Boulder to compete in Game Day for the university.


Maddie got a later start in cheer than most other girls. She was a competitive swimmer and softball player for 8 years. After her freshman year, she wanted to be more involved and enjoy the high school experience. She tried out for cheer and joined varsity her sophomore year. Her junior year the team won state. Following graduation, Coach Maddie joined the work force while simultaneously going to school. Coach Maddie has used the discipline learned in high school sports to balance her growing career in HR, being a mama to 2 year old Colt and working on a Bachelors in Childhood Psych. She is looking forward to coaching and working with the wonderful girls at RVHS.


Shawna is also a Colorado native. 

She is an experienced Ralston Valley sport and activities manager, working with football, track, and organizing the after prom event.  She is a proud mother of one daughter and three sons. 

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